Sit 'N Stay Pet Solutions
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Services and Pricing

30 MINUTE DOG WALK - $17 per visit (monthly discounts available)

This is our basic service, perfect for people who are away from home, or busy at home during the day. We come to your home, take your dog out, and spend the 30 minutes walking, playing, cuddling, or doing whatever you or your pet would like. This visit also includes water/food refill (if necessary), and a service "report card" to let you know how the visit went.

MID-DAY POTTY BREAK - $12 per visit

Perfect for puppies, elderly dogs, or those breeds who don't need a longer walk. This service is the same as the 30 minute dog walk, just on a shorter time frame (10-15 minutes).

METROPARK VISIT - $25 per visit

A great option for dog breeds that need to get out of the suburbs and run, hike, or swim to get their energy out! Damen and/or Annie will take your dog for an hour and a half to two-hour (from pick up to drop off) visit to one of the area MetroParks, Squire Vallee Vue, or Forest Hills park for lots of running, playing, and swimming. Dogs going off-leash in an open area, MUST be trained to stay close to the walker, or return to their walker when called. We request at LEAST 48 hours notice for this service. 


This service is perfect for dogs or cats that do NOT need someone to be with them overnight while you're out of town. We come to your home 3 times per day (additional sits can be added for an additional fee), for 30 to 45 minutes each visit. Your sitter will adhere, as closely as possible, to your pet's current schedule so they are as comfortable as possible when you're not there. Service includes water/food refill, walking, playing, cuddling, shade and light alternating, mail and newspaper retrieval, and plant watering. 

OVERNIGHT PET SIT - $50 - $75 per day (price may vary depending on number of pets, holiday charge, or length of stay)

This service is great for dogs that DO need someone to stay with them overnight while you're away. We come to your home, stay a minimum of 9 hours overnight, and come back during the day for a mandatory day visit (30 minutes). Your sitter will adhere, as closely as possible, to your pet's current schedule. Food/water refill, walking, playing, cuddling, mail and newspaper retrieval, and plant watering are all included in the this visit. 

*Availability of overnight pet sitting depends on availability of our designated overnight sitters.*

**Certain restrictions apply to overnight visits. Please contact Annie (216-470-8262) for more information.**

CAT SIT - $10 per visit

Perfect for your feline family members! A 15 to 20 minute visit, depending on the needs of your cat. Visits includes feeding, water refill, litter box cleaning, love and attention (depending on sociability), mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering, and light and shade alternating. 

PET TAXI - $18 per pick-up/drop-off

Veterinarians, groomers, and doggy day cares aren't always open or available when you are. This service is great if you need someone to transport your dog or cat to an appointment, or to and/or from doggy daycare or a kennel. **NOTE - please give at LEAST 48 hours notice**
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